Website or uses web cookies for its operation.

If you have confirmed the use of online cookies on the website or, the following cookies will be saved in your brawser from or

– ndp-check, stored cookie permission information

This cookie will be saved even if you decide not to allow cookies and have marked the option to save settings.

The WordPress content management system sets the following cookies:

– wordpress_test_cookie, test cookie to check functionality

If you leave a comment on the page, your e-mail address, name and website that you enter in the form will be saved so that you do not have to enter them next time:

– wordpress_email
– wordpress_name
– wordpress_website

Other websites that set cookies:

– Google Analytics creates four cookies in which it stores a unique identification number
– Facebook, in case you are logged in to Facebook
– YouTube, in case you play any video content that is included on the website