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Monks Simon Ašič’s herbal pharmacy with teahouse and shop

The Cistercian Abbey of Stična founded company SITIK in 1992 with the aim of giving a wider circle of people access to the rich heritage of monk Simon Ašič.

Even during his lifetime, monk Simon Ašič was the most well-known monk who, with great kindness and patience, imparted herbal knowledge to visitors, acquired by studying the literature available at the time. He supplemented the experience of other experts with his own experience.

Since 2000, the Cistercian Abbey has had its own trademark registered for products made according to the original recipes of monk Simon Ašič. By continuing the herbal tradition and upgrading it with the latest findings in the field of pharmacognosy, the brand has gained a great reputation and trust among its customers.

A large selection of herbal preparations, custom tea blends and advice from a pharmacist

In monk Simon Ašič’s herbal pharmacy in Stična, visitors can get expert advice from a pharmacist, order tea mixes tailored to their own wishes and needs, buy ready-made tea mixes and other herbal preparations, or enjoy a nicely decorated teahouse in a peaceful and relaxed environment treat the atmosphere with a cup of medicinal tea.


There is even a legend about the origin of our name.

The bird sang in Latin: “SIT HIC!”, which in translation means: “LET IT BE HERE!”. In the place where the little bird was singing, the Cistercians started building a monastery in 1132, which still stands and functions today.

The name of the place Stična comes from the mentioned legend, as well as the name of the company SITIK, in which we make home-made apple cider vinegar, herbal tea mixtures, tinctures, ointments and other herbal preparations according to the recipes of the famous Stič priest and herbalist Simon Ašič, and our monastery garden on “Marof” provides a rich selection of decorative flowers and healthy vegetable seedlings.

Monastery in Stična

Stiška Abbey is the oldest spiritual and cultural center in Slovenia, as its beginnings date back to 1132, i.e. to the Romanesque period.

Shortly after its foundation, the monastery in Stična became the religious, church, cultural and economic center of Carniola. The monastery library protected the precious illuminated manuscripts of Stis in Latin from the 12th and 13th centuries. In 1428, the important Stiška manuscript, one of the first written monuments in Slovenian, was created in the monastery. The monastery has changed its architecture over the centuries, but the oldest core of the monastery, formed by the cloister and the regular church, has been preserved to this day.

During the reforms of Joseph II. the monastery was dissolved in 1784. After 114 years, in 1898, the white monks returned to Stička, where they continue their centuries-long journey in the Cistercian spirit of “Ora et labora”.

The monastery in Stična is the only Cistercian monastery still in operation and at the same time one of the largest cultural, sacral and architectural monuments in our country. The Museum of Christianity in Slovenia also operates next to the monastery, with interesting permanent and occasional exhibitions and other accompanying events.

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