Lemon balm

Uporabni del rastline:  list melise (Melissae folium)

Other names: sweet balm, melissa balm, Melissa, heart’s delight, English balm, bush balm, honey plant.

Description and harvesting

This up to 60 cm tall plant grows in cut areas of forests and old walls, but it is also cultivated in gardens. It flowers from June to September. Usually, the leaves are picked right before flowering, preferably between noon and 2 p.m. After being picked, dried and stored, the plant must not come into contact with metals. Lemon balm has a pleasant lemon scent.

Constituents and medicinal use

Lemon balm is a remedy for cramps. It regulates digestion, strengthens and invigorates the heart, disinfects and heals wounds, prevents coronary artery spasms and anxiety nausea, helps with migraines, digestion problems, light-headedness, and excessive heart pounding. It is used effectively for irregular periods and depression. If using it as a remedy for anxiety headaches, put the leaves on the forehead and the back of the head. It accelerates bile secretion which is important to prevent gallstones. Lemon balm improves memory, attracts nice thoughts, chases away “black clouds”, neurasthenia, distress, fixed ideas and anxiety, gives us new strength, and has a spasmiolitic effect. It helps pregnant women if they have nausea and feel unwell. Lemon balm infused in alcohol or olive oil is good for massage in case of rheumatism, gout, tired limbs and contusions. If you feel unwell, you can prepare a small bag of dried lemon balm and put it on your pillow. Plant it near a beehive to prevent honey bee dysentery. Clean the entire beehive with lemon balm tea to prevent honey bee diseases. In case of neurological disorders, add valerian to the tea.

Monk Simon Ašič’s product containing lemon balm leaves:


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3. Willfort R. Zdravline rastline in njih uporaba. Založba obzorja Maribor.

Lemon balm