Monk Simon Ašič’s herbal pharmacy with teahouse and shop

The Cistercian abbey with its herbal pharmacy and the Museum of Christianity in Slovenia in Stična is visited annually by more than 10,000 visitors who want to indulge in the smells and tastes of natural herbal teas in a relaxed and calm environment.

For this purpose, we remodeled the premises of the former dairy in the Cistercian style and arranged a teahouse with the herbal pharmacy of monk Simon Ašič. In the herbal pharmacy and teahouse, we are happy to prepare teas from herbal tea mixtures made according to monk Simon Ašič’s recipes, and in the monastery store you can also choose from other herbal preparations and apple vinegars by monk Simon Ašič, as well as other interesting products.

A large selection of herbal preparations, custom tea blends and advice from a pharmacist

In the herbal pharmacy of monk Simon Ašič in Stična, you can get expert advice from a pharmacist and order tea mixes to your liking – based on your own wishes and needs. In addition, you can choose from ready-made tea mixes and other herbal preparations, or enjoy a cup of healthy herbal tea in a nicely decorated tea room in a peaceful environment and relaxed atmosphere.

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