St. John’s wort oil



St. John’s wort oil was made from the St. John’s wort plant (Hyperici herba), which we macerated (soaked) in extra virgin olive oil (Olea europea).
The mass ratio between the used St. John’s wort plant and the resulting St. John’s wort oil is 1 : 1,4.

Volume: 100 ml
(glass packaging)


Product description:

St. John’s wort oil is intended for external use. In folk medicine, it is used for a whole range of purposes – such as care after sunbathing, care for wounds, swellings, ulcers and irregularities on the skin. It can be used to massage the spine and rub it into worn joints.

When using St. John’s wort oil, we must be careful to avoid the sun at least for a while, as in rare cases hypersensitivity to light may occur.

More information:

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St. John’s wort oil