(16) Dobro počutje



– speedwell herb (Veronicae herba)
– lemon balm leaf (Melissae folium)
– basil plant (Basilici herba)
– chamomile flower (Chamomillae flos)
– lavender flower (Lavandulae flos)
– peppermint leaf (Menthae piperitae folium)

Volume: 50 g


Product description:

We recommend tea for well-being to people who would like to improve their well-being, boost their morale and calm down. Tea can also be drunk by people who often suffer from headaches and malaise.

The tea contains herbs that have a calming effect. The speedwell is used for mental and nervous restlessness. Lavender and mint contribute to optimal relaxation. Melissa helps maintain a positive mood and healthy cognitive function. It is used to reduce restlessness and irritability. Basil protects nerve cells, has a calming effect and contributes to well-being.

Tea preparation:

Pour two teaspoons of the tea mixture with 3 deciliters of boiling water. Leave covered for 10 minutes and then strain. Several times a day, we drink freshly prepared tea, which can be enriched with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar if desired.

Drinking tea and using monk Ašič’s products are not substitutes for treatment with prescribed drugs!

More information:

For additional information, call the monastery company Sitik d.o.o., Stična 17, phone: +386 (0)1 7877 065, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

(16) Dobro počutje