(17) VpresSIT



– olive leaf (Oleae folium)
– speedwell herb (Veronicae herba)
– nettle leaf (Urticae folium)
– lemon balm leaf (Melissae folium)
– linden flower (Tiliae flos)

Net content: 50 g


VpresSIT tea can be drunk by people who want to influence the health of the heart and blood vessels and who struggle with high blood pressure. Lifestyle and health care contribute a lot to this, and tea can be enjoyed as additional help.

The tea contains herbs that calm and affect the cardiovascular system. Speedwell helps with relaxation, as does linden, which also helps maintain healthy liver function. Stinging nettle promotes good blood circulation and helps maintain heart health. Melissa helps with healthy circulation, aids in relaxation and is used to reduce tension and irritability.

How to prepare tea:

Pour 3 decilitres of boiling water over two teaspoons of the tea blend. Leave covered for 10 minutes and strain. Drink freshly prepared tea several times a day. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, if you wish.

Drinking tea and using Monk Ašič’s products is not a replacement for treatment with prescription medicines!

Additional information:

For details, please call Sitik d.o.o., Stična 17, tel.: +386 (0)1 7877 065, Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 14:00.

(17) VpresSIT