(30) VeselSIT



– St. John’s wort plant (Hyperici herba)
– valerian root (Valerianae radix)
– lavender flower (Lavandulae flos)
– passion plant (Passiflorae herba)
– lemon balm leaf (Melissae folium)

Volume: 50 g


Product description:

VeselSIT tea can be enjoyed by people who want to influence their mood, relax or find better sleep.

Tea contains herbs that affect the nervous system or mental and physical well-being. St. John’s wort helps maintain emotional balance and a positive attitude. Valerian provides support for mental well-being in tense and stressful moments. Lavender is used to reduce restlessness and tension, it also contributes to better sleep. Melissa helps maintain a positive mood and helps with mental and physical well-being.

Tea preparation:

Pour two teaspoons of the tea mixture with 3 deciliters of boiling water. Leave covered for 10 minutes and then strain. Several times a day, we drink freshly prepared tea, which can be enriched with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar if desired.

Drinking tea and using monk Ašič’s products are not substitutes for treatment with prescribed drugs!

More information:

For additional information, call the monastery company Sitik d.o.o., Stična 17, phone: +386 (0)1 7877 065, from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

(30) VeselSIT