Lady’s Mantle

Uporabni del rastline: rastlina plahtice (Alchemillae herba)

Ljudsko ime: božja plahtica, devet grobov trava, device Marije plašček, hribja resa, Marijin plašček, plenička, rosnik.

Description and harvesting

Lady’s Mantle grows on humid grassland, banks and pastures in the highlands. It usually covers large surfaces. The leaves form a funnel where a drop of water can be seen every morning. The small pale yellow flowers can be seen from May to August. Flowers and leaves are picked only during the dry and sunny weather and dried in a shade in the air, most commonly in the attic. It is an excellent healing plant and works well when used together with primrose.

Constituents and medicinal use

Lady’s Mantle is primarily used for women’s problems, including vaginal discharge, heavy menstrual bleeding, abdominal pain and menopause. It can be used as a tea for drinking or for washing. Pregnant women should drink tea regularly because it helps prepare the uterus for labour and has a beneficial effect on newborns. If pregnant women started drinking this tea soon and regularly enough, it would prevent many surgeries during labour. It also stops internal bleeding. Daisy and walnut leaves can be added to the tea. The tea will visibly strengthen children who have underdeveloped muscles. It is also used successfully for fever and gangrene, respiratory infections, cough, teeth infections and hernia, abscesses and ulcers in the lower part of the body. The Lady’s Mantle tea has a relaxing effect and contributes to a healthy and sound sleep. It helps to fight conjunctivitis and stops gum bleeding after tooth extraction. It eases gout- and rheumatism-related problems, treats anaemia and oedema, is successfully used in spring-time treatment, inhibits the hardening of the arteries, prevents strokes, and slows the progression of diabetes. It helps with vaginal and anal itching, has a beneficial effect on diabetes. Patients should drink it regularly and over a long-term period. The tea is recommended for rinsing infected wounds, inflamed eyes, weeping eczema. The tea should be gargled in case of a sore throat and stomatitis. It helps with various intestinal and stomach problems. The tea is prepared as an infusion: infuse one teaspoon of ground plant with 0.25 l of boiling water. Strain after 10 minutes and drink 1–3 cups a day. Do not add sugar or sweeteners to the tea!

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Alchemilla vulgaris L.

Product containing Lady’s Mantle:

Lady’s Mantle